Essay on Save the Girl Child

A world without equal participation of men and women is unthinkable. They also ensure the human race’s survival on the planet. They also oversee a country’s growth. But a woman’s existence is more vital than a man’s. To put it another way, we can’t imagine life without her. So, to save humanity, we must protect the girl child. To kill or abort a girl’s child is common in India. Regardless, they should be saved and given a chance. Also, they are the source of our existence, so they hold the future of civilization. Wanting a son is one of our society’s ills. Indian women’s roles are modelled after these roles. But they don’t want him related to her. For these and other reasons, many parents avoid having female children. This list includes dowry deaths and female feticide. Girls outperform boys in many areas, but people still prefer a boy child. Their dedication and hard work got them to space. They are more capable, obedient, hardworking, and responsible in their personal lives. Girls also show more affection and concern for their parents than boys. The most important thing is that they give it their all. The government has taken numerous steps and launched numerous campaigns to save the girl child. Save the Girl Child is a new government campaign that encourages people to actively protect girls. The girl child is also being saved by non-profits, corporations, and human rights organisations. Women’s crime is a major hindrance to the country’s growth. To prevent female feticide, the government has banned the use of sex determination ultrasound, amniocentesis, and scan tests in hospitals and laboratories. All of this is being done to educate the public that girls are a gift from God, not a burden. The first step to save our girl is at home. We should encourage our friends and family to help save them and spread the word. We should also support a family member who is expecting a girl. All children have the right to equal treatment for boys and girls. And she deserves respect and love like everyone else. She equally contributes to the country’s growth. She works hard to improve society and the country. They have matched boys in every field. As a result, they deserve a long life because they ensure the human race’s survival.

Save Girl Child Essay

Save Girl Child EssayChildren are beautiful creations of God. There would be no life on Earth without men and women. Both are required for human survival. No gender would have allowed us to exist. In our country, many people still see girls as a curse and a family burden. People in our country endanger the survival of the human race and tarnish India’s image globally. Our country has a long history of abortions and child murders. Thus, power is unequally distributed between the sexes. This is not a humane solution. Women should be treated equally with men. They should be able to live, laugh, and succeed. Their legal right. Because they are the source of all life, everyone in society must protect them. Many Indians still do not value more women in the home. Having a female child brings social ills like female foeticide, dowry, and suicide. They can’t have or raise a girl child because of these heinous practises So they see them as a liability. Women’s rapid growth and evolution in every field and corner of the globe must be understood. Women’s empowerment is a controversial topic today. As a result, believing men are superior to women is irrational. Everyone knows that hard work, dedication, intellect, and intuition are valuable qualities. Researchers say women outperform men in many ways. Women outperform men in terms of intelligence, talent, emotional strength, and management skills. Following these developments, the federal and state governments have taken steps to protect women’s rights. The “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” campaign is one of the most popular. Many organisations, groups, and non-profits exist to save the girl child and promote women’s value in our society. Our country’s development is heavily reliant on women’s growth, which cannot be ignored. So reducing violence against women and enforcing existing laws will help improve women’s status. A strong system should be put in place to stop people from demeaning women. Better laws are needed to improve women’s rights. To ensure our country’s long-term survival, we must educate and protect girls.

Essay on Save Girl Child for Students

A manifestation of Lakshmi, women are revered in India. Humanity cannot exist without them. They created life on Earth because only they could give birth. Humans would not exist on this planet without them. A girl child should have the same opportunities as a boy child. Today’s girls will become tomorrow’s women. The mother-progenitor role of a woman shapes civilization’s future. In India, some people view the birth of a female child as a calamity. Prenatal murder of girls is alarming. After-birth discrimination against girls has led to a dangerous situation. The Child Sex Ratio (CSR) for children aged 0 to 6 fell significantly in 2011. Exacerbating this horrendous crime are male-dominated societies; poverty; property rights; marriage obligations; and myths. The gender gap in society will worsen if the current trend continues. People often want a sister, a wife, and a mother but not a daughter. To keep a balanced child sex ratio, we must save the girl child. Female foeticide is a form of prenatal discrimination against girls. Gender discrimination has killed 50 million women. Our culture has a long history of gender-based violence. The heinous crimes against this gender committed in India include female foeticide, infanticide, and dowry deaths. Girls are seen as a financial drain. Girls face discrimination due to a variety of religious and social factors. She has been denied basic needs like food, health care, and shelter all her life. Lack of education leads to high fertility rates, negatively impacting the lives of women. Prejudices based on race, religion, and gender have exacerbated the issue. To ensure the survival, protection, and education of girls, efforts must be coordinated and convergent. In India, girl children face significant challenges, including being born, growing up, and realising their full potential. The government has launched several initiatives and programmes to protect girls. “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” is an anti-sex determination and female foeticide campaign in India. As a result, the Child-Sex Ratio has improved in India. Federal and state governments also launched numerous other programmes and campaigns, including Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, National Scheme for Secondary Schoolgirls, Balika Saridhhi Yojana, and CBSE Udaan. Individuals can help save the girl child in addition to government initiatives. Instill the value of having a female in the family. Various campaigns should aim to end child marriage and prevent girl violence. Make public spaces safer for girls and open doors for them in the workplace. We must provide them with the same opportunities as boys.

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