Essay on My Garden

It is a small plot of land near a house where new plants, flowers, and fruits are grown. The garden’s materials are both natural and man-made. Many people enjoy gardening because it allows them to relax while being surrounded by natural beauty such as trees and birds. My front yard has a lovely garden. My garden has beautiful flowers like lilies, roses, and orchids. My grandfather is a daily gardener who spends hours in our yard. He taught me daily plant watering. Every night, I walk Jimmy in the garden. My family and I always visit the local nurseries to buy new plant saplings. Orchids are one of my favourite flowers to grow in my yard. Every day, beautiful butterflies flutter around the flowers. My backyard has an apple tree. I love gardening and spending time in my garden. The Garden is one of my favourite parts of the house. The only place we can all relax after a long day. A home garden has many health benefits. In a garden, many plants produce oxygen.

Essay on My Garden for Students

My Garden EssayGrow your own food and improve your nutrition while gardening. Gardening encourages them to try new things and share their knowledge with others, as well as learn by doing. Gardening teaches children how to grow healthy food for themselves and their families, as well as how to give back to their communities. Gardening also reduces stress by providing a steady supply of fresh, nutritious food. It also keeps you fit, which helps your mental health. Gardening is a great way to improve your health and your children’s health. My small garden has roses, lilies, sunflowers, and daisies. Roses are my favourite flower, but all flowers are beautiful. My mother also has a backyard vegetable garden. Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and coriander are some of our crops. Daily, birds come to my garden to drink water, which is lovely. We water the garden twice a day, morning and night. A garden is, in my opinion, the best place to relax at home. The only place to escape your hectic lifestyle. A home garden can also be beneficial to your health. Many plants in a garden, for example, produce oxygen. The scent of the flowers can help you wake up more alert. In today’s society, many people lack space to grow their own food. Some think it’s unnecessary. As a result, the property’s gardens were destroyed. However, household gardens are a must. Gardening is a peaceful way of life.

My Garden Essay in English

He enjoys gardening and maintenance. He also designed the entire system. My father is an environmentalist. So he spends time in the garden. He’s always changing his garden. For example, he just brought in new flower varieties. There were also climbers, bulbs, and perennials. As a result, my garden is bursting with the most vibrant blooms. My father has also entrusted the garden to someone else. The gardener can only come at that time because he must be away. The gardener also maintains and trims plants. My backyard has many plants. It has roses, sunflowers, lilies, and daisies. These are the easiest to grow and most fragrant flowers. These flowers’ vibrant colours also brighten any backyard. In my garden, I also grow a variety of vegetables. Tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, bell peppers, and others are vegetables. These are the easiest to grow and thus most common. They also have numerous health benefits. This method ensures the vegetables are fresh and free of chemicals. The whole garden is grass. So it’s ideal for any physical activity. The playground has a soft surface where kids can play games. They will not be hurt if they fall. My backyard also has a swing, which I love. I can swing on it for hours and not get bored. Sometimes I work all day in the garden. But I can only do this on a day off. Almost every day in the early morning hours, many birds chirp. Birds like pigeons, sparrows, and Indian myna help us get out of bed. The peacock also visits the garden on occasion. The whole family comes to admire the feathers. Time spent in my garden is the most beautiful time of the day for garden lovers.

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