Onam Festival Essay

Essay on Onam Onam is a festival that brings together everyone in the state of Kerela. Religion, caste, and creed are no longer important. One of India’s most popular festivals, it is celebrated all over the country. Similarly, this festival’s events are known for their grandeur and tasty food. We will talk about Onam Pookalam […]

Pongal Festival Essay

Essay on Pongal Festival People in Tamil Nadu love Pongal, which is the most important and well-known event. South Indians celebrate harvest time with a big party, like this one. Pongal is a day to say thank you for all that you have. Mid-January is the time of year when it happens. It lasts for […]

Holi Essay

Essay on Holi Holi is a festival of colours, as the name implies. It’s a lot of fun. It is one of the most important events in India. The Hindu festival of Holi is celebrated by people all over the world in March. They look forward to being able to play with colours and eat […]

Christmas Essay

Essay On Christmas Christmas is always on December 25th. Every year, this festival honours God’s Messiah, Jesus Christ. Contrary to popular belief, non-Christians enthusiastically participate. One of the most popular holiday decorations is a decorated Christmas tree. When finished, it is stunning. Christmas lights decorate churches, and star lanterns hang outside to signal the start […]

Ganesh Chaturthi Essay

Essay on Ganesh Chaturthi Hindus celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi for 10 days to honour the birthday of Ganesha. he is the son of Shiva and Parvati; he was born when Shiva and Parvati were together. Ganesha is the Lord of the arts and sciences and the deity of wisdom, and he has 108 different names that […]