Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Essay

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Essay for Students The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a well-known Indian mission. “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” / “Clean India Mission” campaign’s goal was to clean up India’s cities. The campaign was overseen by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian government. It was launched on October 2, 2014, in Gandhi’s honour. The Swachh […]

Environment Essay

Essay on Environment The environment includes people, trees, birds, reptiles, and insects. All of this is also a part of the environment. The physical, social, and cultural environments are the three environments. Furthermore, scientists have defined different types of environments. All living things on Earth are included in the environment. They are all a part […]

Teacher Essay

Essay on Teacher Teachers instil a love of learning in their students. A teacher is a divine gift because he or she, like God, creates an entire nation. The most influential person in a student’s life is the teacher. Educators teach us academic skills as well as moral and ethical principles that aid in our […]

Kindness Essay

Essay On Kindness Whatever has happened in the world, one thing has not changed: kindness and resilience. The group’s sacrifice and cooperation spirit was also important. Kindness must be a necessary and universal quality in order to improve the world. Being kind to nature, animals, and people can help to improve the world. Keep in […]

Leadership Essay

Leadership Essay for Students Leadership skills are essential in today’s competitive world. Leadership is an important management skill that helps an individual or company achieve their goals. Leadership means different things to different people. Influence is the ability to persuade others to work together towards a common goal. Leadership is the ability to influence a […]

Teamwork Essay

Essay on Teamwork An organisation that works together to achieve a common goal or objective is called a team. A team can be formed to achieve both long-term and short-term goals. For example, a product development team will need more time to plan and execute. A long-standing team includes senior executives. Work, trust, and structure […]

Nature Essay

Essay on Nature Nature is vital to human culture. Most people do not recognise it as one of the greatest blessings for human life. Nature has inspired many poets, writers, artists, and others in the past. This magnificent work of art moved them to write poems and stories. Their works still reflect a deep reverence […]

Save Girl Child Essay

Essay on Save the Girl Child A world without equal participation of men and women is unthinkable. They also ensure the human race’s survival on the planet. They also oversee a country’s growth. But a woman’s existence is more vital than a man’s. To put it another way, we can’t imagine life without her. So, […]

Motivation Essay

Essay on Motivation Those around them either imply motivation or directly encourage it. Nobody tells you how to stay motivated. In the face of adversity, motivation is the ability to find inspiration. It also aids in career and personal advancement. To finish a task requires motivation. Life is about passion, enthusiasm, determination, and goals. Motivation […]

Pollution Essay

Essay on Pollution Pollution directly impacts human health. It contaminates everything from our drinking water to our air. You can’t live a healthy life without enough natural resources. Even today’s kids have heard of “pollution.” Pollution is now so common that almost everyone agrees it is getting worse. Pollution is an unwanted foreign substance found […]

About Myself Essay

Essay on MySelf Writing an autobiography is easy. Writing about yourself allows you to show the world who you are. It’s a way of expressing yourself. When first writing, describe yourself and your work. Then you can keep writing about what you like to do. Some enjoy writing about how they got into the hobby. […]

Taj Mahal Essay

Taj Mahal Essay for Students One of the Seven Wonders of the World. People visit him all year round for his stunning beauty. This monument in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. The Taj Mahal also represents Mughal architectural supremacy. The Taj Mahal is a famous landmark in India. The Taj Mahal is a famous Indian landmark. […]

Video Games Essay

Essay on Video Games Arcade games, console games, computer games, and mobile games are all video games. The video game industry’s commercial importance increased in the 2010s. The Asian market is driving the video gaming industry. In 2018, video games ranked third in terms of revenue, behind only broadcast and cable television. To create a […]

Women Empowerment Essay

Essay on Women Empowerment Women’s empowerment means empowering women to make their own choices. Throughout history, men have abused women. They were previously thought to be rare. Men seem to have all voting rights—even the most basic. Throughout history, women recognised their power. The women’s emancipation movement began then. Women’s liberation was a breath of […]

Integrity Essay

Essay on Integrity People’s lives can reveal their honesty. We must choose between things only we can do in this life. We make our own rules, and how we live them is what makes us unique. Honesty comes from doing the right thing instead of the wrong. People can always count on pride and honesty. […]

Importance Of Education Essay

Essay on Importance of Education The educational process includes knowledge acquisition, proper conduct, and technical proficiency. Learning includes developing moral values, character, and mental strength. Education makes us more self-reliant and articulate. Education slays ignorance. A good education helps us reach our potential. Education reforms the human mind. We cannot fully develop the mind without […]

Poverty in India Essay

Essay on Poverty In India Poverty refers to a person’s inability to obtain basic necessities. The person also has food, shelter, and clothing. Most Indians can’t afford even one meal per day. They live by the roadside and wear filthy, worn-out clothes. They also lack proper nutrition, medicine, and other necessities. India’s urban population has […]

Happiness Essay

Essay on Happiness The value of happiness cannot be overstated. It’s a significant topic for students to write about. Happiness is not a single concept. Everyone defines happiness differently based on their own experiences and perceptions. In or out of religion, happiness is a vital part of life. Without it, life is empty. Life is […]

Sports Essay

Essay on Sports A sport is a competitive physical activity that follows a set of rules. Sport and game play is both healthy and enjoyable. People enjoy professional sports, especially if they are played at the highest level. Sports can teach you athleticism, mental agility, and dexterity. Sports can be a great way to learn […]

Corruption Essay

Essay on Corruption Corruption can be criminal or dishonest. In this context, a heinous crime committed by an individual or group. Finally, this action violates others’ rights. Corruption includes bribery and embezzlement. However, corruption can take many forms. Powerful people will almost certainly be corrupted. Corruption is a sign of greed and selfishness. Today, bribery […]

Music Essay

Music Essay for Students in English Music is said to be the universal language because it is universally understood. Language, religion, and country are not obstacles. Music is something that can be enjoyed by all ages. Music has a huge impact on our lives. It’s a great way to make someone’s day. Songs bring us […]

Who Am I Essay

Essay on Who Am I We live in a crowded world with diverse people. Despite our similarities, we are all unique. A person’s individuality gives them a sense of self. As a teen, I’m self-conscious. I’m a typical adolescent girl, but also unique. I am who I am due to my differences. I am a […]